La Pinta Ocean Window


¡Reserva tu estancia!

‘La Pinta Ocean Window’ is our great challenge. It arises from the proposed strategic renewal of the chain and the purpose is to educate visitors about the value of the marine ecosystem of the island including raising awareness and employee motivation, fun for guests and protect the marine environment.

© Francis Pérez

Collaborating with companies to safeguard them and partnering with several vessels to finance the cleaning of the seabed, are some of the actions of our program.

We are aware of the demand for this type of sustainability and educational animation in travellers and promoting them is the least we can do for the good of everyone.

© Francis Pérez

La Pinta Ocean Window is a commitment that gave us the “Aliado” Certificate, a first prize in the IntraTEAM tourism innovation contest and a special award in Impulso Sur 2018, awards that remind us that we are moving in the right direction.

© Francis Pérez

Sustainability is something we do daily, not only in HOVIMA La Pinta but in all our hotels. We have solar panels, energy recovery machinery, aerators for water consumption, rooms for waste disposal, recycling bins for customers and employees, led lights and so on but we are still not happy because we are a big chain and we could do more